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Lee Gallaher

Lee Gallaher Belief:
I believe that buying or selling a home is the utmost paramount financial move most people will ever make. Most people unfortunately obtain a less than satisfactory experience during this important process. Commonly, the reason for low satisfaction is primarily due to inexperience, incompetence, low commitment to service and quality, poor priorities of their agent. People resent pressure, manipulation and selling techniques. My definition of quality service:

  • Intent: Putting the clients best interest ahead of your own-always.
  • Dignity: Treating all people with respect
  • Service: Knowing your client’s conditions of satisfaction and assisting them.
  • Competence: Commitment to expertise in the real estate profession.
  • Integrity: Doing what one says they will do when they say they will do it.
  • Courage: Being straight even when it means not looking good.
  • Commitment: Doing what needs to be done regardless of adversity.

I believe every individual long for and deserve quality service. The quality of an agent's service can be measured by the referrals they get. I believe it is an honor to be a Sherpa of our clients.

I was born and raised on a 600-acre farm on the out skirts of beautiful Liberty, Illinois. While being deathly afraid of swimming, I joined the United States Navy where I conquered that fear by being a deep-sea diver for 6 wonderful years. During this time, I was blessed with the opportunity to visit 33 countries including 3 years of service at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Seattle became home while stationed at Sand Point awaiting the construction of my first ship, the USS Frank Cable which was being built at Todd Shipyard. I left the Navy as a 1st Class Petty office and having earned an Associate's Degree part time. Of all places in the world to live, my heart was in Seattle. Now residing in Mukilteo's Lighthouse Park community. While in the pursuit of a UW transferable Associate's Degree, I was working full time and purchased my first home. Having analyzed real estate as a career, I quickly finished my education and went directly into business. The journey began at Sherlock Holmes Realty in Lake City and was one of the 1st six agents at Remax Northwest. In 1992 Gallaher Real Estate was open for business. During the last 30 years, countless families get moved, and became extremely rewarding to make dreams come true.

In my spare time, I love to paint, write poetry and books. Gallaher Gallery has over 400 paintings and 3 local exhibits alongside written over 150 poems. My first book "Credo" is in the process of publication while my second book "12 Natural Laws" is in progress. Other passions include exploration of all types, coaching, learning, teaching, reading, inventing, traveling, basketball, golf, outdoors, food, wine, and scotch.

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